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Buick Century

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Buick Century is a division of the American automobile manufacturing company General Motor (GM), it was founded by David Buick in the year 1908. It is located in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

The Buick Century was rated the first among the First American marques of automobiles.

It specializes on automobiles and its other services include the sale of automotive parts and financing vehicle services.

The Buick century models includes 1936 model – 2005 models.  It was in existence until it was succeeded by Buick Lacrosse in the year 2009.

The major problems associated with sold Buick Century.

  1. Transmission problems: This is a condition caused by a contaminated transmission fluid or a wear and tear on the transmission parts inside the transmission.
  2. Engine and engine cooling problem: 
  3. Electrical faults; This is usually caused by either a failed spark plug, bad battery or a bad alternator.
  4. Power Train:  This is caused either by over heat or when there is an over load.