Buick Enclave Owner Manuals

Buick Enclave

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Name of Car Company & Location: The Buick Enclave class of cars is manufactured by General Motors and is assembled by GM USA at the GM Lansing Delta Township factory in Michigan, USA.

The major brands operated are: The Buick Enclave stands alone as a part of the major Buick brand.

The types of cars/trucks it operates: The Buick Enclave of the Buick Motor Division built by General Motors does not operate trucks.

Major innovations: A touch-screen infotainment display, Bluetooth technologies, built-in high speed WiFi hotspot, advanced smartphone integration via Apple Carplay or Android Auto, intelligent all-wheel drive capabilities, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, 360-degree surround-view camera, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

Most sold vehicles by type: The Buick Enclave stands alone as a part of the major Buick brand.

Most common problems: 

  • Transmission failure, timing chain stretched, power steering intermittent failure, engine light on, as well as blown engines.
  • Inaccurate gas gauge, wiper malfunction, engine and engine cooling problems, air bag malfunctions, electrical system malfunctions, suspension problems, rack and pinion leaks, excessive oil consumption, leaking struts, air conditioning defects as well as heating problems.