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Buick Encore

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Buick Encore is a subcompact crossover SUV built by General Motors (GM) in the year 2012. Its assembly plant is in Chain; Shanghai (Shanghai GM).

Buick Encore major models are the 2020 encore, 2019, 2017, and 2013.

The 2019 Buick Encore model has been rated as the top third (3rd) in the subcompact SUVs. Its innovative features include a higher base price than its rivals, a user friendly infotainment system. Buick on its quest to make its products more intriguing has updated the 2019 model with reshuffled trims. The SUV car has high- end cabin materials.

The Problems with Buick Encore sold vehicles. 

Buick Encore owners have reported having issues with

  1. The back seat legroom
  2. The stop system is not smooth
  3. Engine problems and poor head lights.
  4. There isn’t any arm rest for the front passengers and above all, it is said to be very expensive despite its lack of features.