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Buick Park Avenue

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Name of Car Company and Location

Buick Park Avenue is a division of General Motors, an automobile manufacturing company. The 1st generation 1991 – 1996 was designed by Dave Holls in 1988 and was assembled atthe Hamtramck (Michigan), Lake Orion (Michigan) and Wentzville (Missouri) plants all in the USA.  The 2nd generation 1997 – 2005 of the Park Avenue model was designed by Bill Porter and was assembled at both the Hamtramck (Michigan) and Lake Orion (Michigan) plants in the USA.The 3rd generation 2007 – 2012 Park Avenue models were manufactured by SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited which is located in Shanghai, China (HQ).

Major models operated

The Park Avenue models include 1991 – 2005 (US) and 2007 – 2012 (China). The 1st generation was discontinued after 1996. The 2nd generation models were discontinued after 2005 in the North American market and was replaced by the Lucerne in 2006. The 3rd generation Park Avenue model was discontinued in China in October 2012. It was also succeeded by Buick Lucerne. 

Major Innovations

Innovations Buick carried out on the Park Avenue include Standard antilock brakes and side-impact airbags, available StabiliTrak stability control, advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It also came equipped with a Bluetooth mobile phone system and navigation system, GM-LAN high-speed communication system, Remote Engine Start (RES) function, automatic climate control, automatic headlights, cruise control, moisture-sensing windshield wipers and rear park assist. In addition to this the Park Avenue had a head-up display that projected vehicle speed onto the windshield, and the Buick Park Avenue Steering Box (which includes the magna steer, servotronic, speed proportional steering, variable assist and center steer design components).

Most sold vehicle by model type

The 2002 model recorded the most sales with a figure of 30,140 cars sold.

Most common problems

Buick Park Avenue owners reported the following common problems:

1) Multiple electrical problems.

2) Windshield blurry at night and bad glare.

3) Vibration at highway speeds and defective gas gauges.

4) Pass-key malfunctions.

5) Water pump failure and Intake manifold gasket malfunctions.

6) Transmission problems.