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Buick Roadmaster

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This is an automobile that is often seen as the successor to the Buick skylark both of which were manufactured by General motors with its production ranging from 1935-1958; and 1990-1996

The Buick Roadmaster like other automobiles has different types some of which are the Buick Roadmaster Riviera, Buick Roadmaster Riviera Coupe, Buick Roadmaster wagon, Buick Roadmaster convertible and many more.

Apart from the usual adjustments in size and various technological advancements of previous models before production stopped, there are no current inovations on the Buick Roadmaste. 

The most sold Buick Roadmaster automobiles include; the 1996 Buick roadmaster, and the 1992 Buick roadmaster.

Common problems with the 1996 Buick Road master

  • Roof window

It was reported that the roof window leaks though not a lot but this constitutes a problem of the vehicle  

  • Electrical system

The model is far from perfect with its electrical system. This is a condition caused by a failed spark plug, bad battery cables, dead batteries or even a bad alternator.

  • Horn assembly problems

Though not too common, it was reported as one of the problems of this model.

Common problems with the 1992 Buick Roadmaster

  • Battery 

Some users of this automobile have reported that the battery or the automobile gets drained while parked.

  • Poor gas millage