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Dodge Caliber

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It is anĀ  American automobile company. A division of Fiat Chrysler manufacturing Group LLC. It was founded in the year 207; it was built to replace the Neon and the PT cruiser. Its assembly plant is located in Belvedere, Illinois, United States; also in Valencia, Carabao in Venezuela.

Its models were built between 2007-2012 and they are 2012 Dodger Calibre SRT4- 2007 models.

So far there is no recent innovation for the Dodge caliber models.

Dodge Caliber Most Sold Vehicles

The 2012 Dodge Caliber is ranked the 28th among the compact cars by the U.S News and world reports. The second most sold is the 2011 dodge caliber, said to drive like a truck with its underpowered engine which consumes too much fuel.

Problems With Most Sold Dodge Caliber Cars

  • Some of the dodge car owners have reported that water leaks from the sun roof drain tubes. This is a condition caused by damaged sun roof tubes.
  • Blown Struts: The front struts seems to wear off prematurely. This is usually caused by mal handling or rough driving
  • Engine problem
  • Transmission problem
  • Weak battery
  • A/c compressor and condenser recalls
  • Parking brake failure
  • Noise from the exhaust
  • Steering angle sensor fault.