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Honda Accord Wagon

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This is a mid-size compact automobile manufactured by Honda motor Company Ltd, it was founded by Toshihiko Shimizu; Gen Tamura in the year 1995. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. But it has its assembly planted located in various places such as North Jakarta, Indonesia PT, Prospect Motor) and in Johor Bahru, Malaysia,(OASB).

The Honda accord comes in hatchback, sedan and coupe body styles.

Its models are:

1990 Honda Accord wagon

1991 Honda Accord wagon

1992 Honda Accord wagon

1993 Honda Accord wagon

1994 Honda Accord wagon  down to the 2020 Honda Accord models.

The 2019 Accord is an innovative icon as Honda decided to upgrade its appearance. On the 2019 model, there is an advanced power train technology for its users that are looking for comfort while driving. The cabin is also refined to the taste of its users with a high quality soft-touch materials that comes with a premium audio system. There are six Trims in the model as well; the model is so beautiful as it comes in a radiant red, champagne frost and obsidian blue colors. Its most sold vehicles are the 2018 and 2019 models.

Problems With Sold Honda Accord Wagons Cars

Owners of accord cars complained of;

Brakes failure

Transmission problems

Engine problem

Clear coat peels from the hood, roof and trunks

Sensor problems

Battery failure

Air conditioning problems

Excessive oil consumption

Dangerous Takata airbags 

Paints peeling off

Seat belts problem

Daytime headlights burns out very fast

There is also the problem of annoying TPMS warning signal 

Based on customer car reviews, it was reported that the  2018 model has the above mentioned recalls too.