Hyundai Veracruz Owner Manuals

Hyundai Veracruz

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Hyundai Veracruz is popularly known in Russia and Europe as Hyundai ix55, manufactured by Hyundai Company in South Korea between 2006 to 2012. It’s a mid-size crossover that was sold in the United States, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, and the middle east. It’s later imported to Europe and other Asian countries between 2017 to 2011 and later discontinued in other countries with the exception of South Korea.

Problems with Hyundai Veracruz

* Idle Fluctuation Concern

If you notice an idle fluctuation, and the Check engine light does or doesn’t illuminate, to correct this, you just have to change the throttle position sensor and update the power train control module software.

* Transmission Slip and Stiff shifting

This problem is caused by the fact that this Hyundai model was designed with 6-speed automatic transmission which produces transmission slippage and hard shifting between gears. The check engine light may or may not indicate. Though the transmission fluid is sealed and not meant to be changed according to manual guide, and for this, the manufacturer has designed several software to correct this, which you’re only advised to update, but if this problem persists, then some experts advised that the transmission fluid should be removed and repaired.

*Lack of Power or Stalling

This may occur due to a failing fuel pump, and it could be corrected by replacing the fuel pump.

*Too Much Noise

The engine might start making excessive noise after a cold start even with normal engine oil level if the timing chain tensioner is faulty, it is advised that revised chain tension is an option to correct the problem

* No Sound from Speakers

If you notice that the speaker stops giving sound from radio, CD player and all that, to correct this, you just have to remove the negative battery terminal, wait for like 15 minutes and put it back and the problem is fixed.

*Rough Idle or Hard Start

If you experience rough idle or start when cold, it’s advised that you update your powertrain control module software.