Mazda Mazda9 Owner Manuals

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Mazda Mazda9

Mazda 9 was produced in 2006 in Japan at Mazda’s Ujina plant situated in Hiroshima. It’s a mid-size crossover SUV. Even for the fact that this model was produced in Japan, you’ll still not find it in Japanese domestic market as it was found to have exceeded the Japanese dimension regulations and its engine displacement attracts a gigantic yearly road tax bill, therefore, it’s closely similar version- Mazda CX-8- was in the Japanese domestic market in its place.

Problems with Mazda 9

*Water Damage to Body Control Module: A lot of electrical issues may be developed due to waterlogged in the sunroof drain, it’s recommended that the sunroof drain debris should be regularly checked and clean as to correct or prevent this problem

* Hard Shift and Slips: 6-speed automatic transmission usually causes hard shift and slippage of gear, and if you notice this kind of problem, you’re encouraged to just update your automatic transmission software to correct this problem, but if the problem is still there, then the transmission fluid should be removed, dissembled and repaired.

* Squeak or Chirp Noise From The Front of The Vehicle: If you notice such this noise when the car goes on the bump with low speeds, then it’s believed that this noise is usually caused by the front strut mounts and it should be replaced to restore this.