Mazda RX-8 Owner Manuals

Mazda RX-8

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The Mazda RX-8 is manufactured by Mazda, a Japanese automobile manufacturer, as a sport car, in 2002, and made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in 2001, which come as the Mazda RX-7 successor, and was succeeded by the RX Range in the year 2012, in which they were all powered with a rotary Wankel engine. Mazda RX-8 was made available for car boot sales in 2003 for North American.

In 2010, the RX-8 was recalled from the European market because the Automobile does not meet the emissions standards, which lead to Mazda announcing on 23 August 2011 the production of the RX-8 model after 2012 Model year production, which makes Mazda record a drop in their sale from the European Market. Another factor Mazda chairman sited was the rising Yen price, which makes the price unjustifiable in the market.

Problems with Mazda RX-8

Coolant Level Warning Light: the warning light always comes on, despite that the average quantity of coolant that is required by the coolant reserve tank, and the radiator is provided. Changing the level sensor float inside the coolant will rectify it.

Hesitation observed: this problem is caused by Secondary Shutter Valve (SSV), which results to lack of power, is caused due to ingestion of the manifold, which is stuck open because of carbon build up around the SSV shaft. Proper servicing by a competent auto mechanics will rectify this issue and restore it to normalcy.

Check Engine Light always ON: this is due to Improperly Manufactured Threads on Fuel Filler Pipe, which makes the Check Engine light illuminates indicating an improperly. Replacement of the filter pipe is required to fix the issue.