Mini Convertible Owner Manuals

Mini Convertible

Mini Convertible Image

Is a supermini automobile owned and manufactured by a German automotive manufacturing company called BMW(Mini  Marque).  The mini Convertible was assembled at VDL Nedcar in Born(Netherlands); with its headquarters located in Oxford plant,  United Kingdom.

Its models include the 2013 mini convertible – the new 2020Mini Convertible models.

  • The new mini convertible comes with a complete electric root that opens in every  18 seconds.
  • A rear parking distance control and a smart infotainment system interface
  • A bluetooth connectivity
  • An intelligent emergency call and also a Dab Digital

Problems with sold Mini Convertible models

Just few reviews were given, I guess this is because mini decided to work on the issues thereby giving no room for more recalls.

  • Engine problem and
  • Gear box recalls