Mini Hardtop (4-door) Owner Manuals

Mini Hardtop (4-door)

Mini Hardtop (4-door) Image

Mini Hardtop 4 door is a division of BMW, an automobile manufacturing company located in Germany. It can also be referred to as the Mini One/Mini Cooper/Mini. The sport compact car variant includes; a 3-door hatchback,5-door hatchback, and 2-door convertible. At the start, it was assembled in 2000 at Plant Oxford located in Oxfordshire, England but is now being assembled in the Netherlands. Available versions include first-generation (R50/52/53) (2000–2006), second-generation (R56/57) (2006–2013) and the third generation (F55/56/57) (2013–present). Car designer, Frank Stephenson worked on the Mini models.

Mini Hardtop 4 door delivers a great speed performance, with sharp steering controls. It exhibits a 6 speed automatic/6speed manual transmission with standard front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive options. It offers a white trimmed interior and a 6.5-inch infotainment screen that is bluetooth compatible.

Problems with the Mini Hardtop 4 door models

Mini Hardtop 4 door owners have reported the following common problems;

  • Deterioration of front radiator support and coolant hose.
  • Failure of electric power steering pump.
  • Leakage of water pump and thermostat housing.
  • Clutch issues
  • Transmission problems