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Mini Paceman Owner Manuals

Mini Paceman

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This is a subcompact, three-door crossover SUV manufactured by an automobile manufacturing company Mini(BMW). Its assembly plant is located in Graz, Austria ( Magna Styr).

The mini connectivity features make life easier for its users. it gives you a wonderful experience because of its seamless connections made just to keep you connected to the world around you. The mini SUV comes with an 8.8″, Touch – screen display and an 8-Button controller meant to improve your connections to the digital world; also is advanced real-time traffic information that helps to warn you against pending hazards as you drive, this then shows you and alternate route feature.

There is also a wireless charging dock that is located in the center armrest; other remote services are also made available.

Problems with Mini Paceman SUVs

  • Fire hazards
  • Poor tittle response at high ambient temperature
  • Misfire
  • Engine problems
  • Leaking thermostat housing coolant