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Toyota Avalon

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The Toyota Avalon has a standard V-6 engine that enables straight acceleration without any nonsense. It’s a very efficient hybrid and is setup to deliver 43 mpg which is great mileage for the price. It also has assisted driving features like emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist.

The Toyota Avalon experiences some grinding in the rear of the car which is clearly a problem with the mechanical integrity of the car.

The coils in the Avalon are prone to failing and that, in turn, makes the cylinders fail. This leads to the total breakdown of the car in some cases.

Some owners have also reported that the skid control light came on during cold weather which indicated that the system wasn’t working.

Another common problem is that the rear window sunshade can fall off and make a grinding noise.

All of these problems can be solved if you take a look at the car manual for the Toyota Avalon.