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Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius has amazing mileage and revised LED head and taillights as well as a fresh rear hatch. It has great mileage with it delivering 46 mpg on a full 200 mile fuel economy. The estimates by the EPA go up to 52 mpg city miles and 48 mpg highway miles.

Here are the most common problems with the Prius.

  • The fuel gauge may give you the wrong reading with the Toyota Prius. There is some fault with the calibration that involves the hardware rather than the software.
  • There is also a chance that the hybrid transmission may fail prematurely. This almost always occurs after every thirty thousand miles and can be avoided if you change the transmission fuel every so often.
  • The center multi function display may also stop working which can be caused by poorly soldered internal connections.

The most common faults with the Toyota Prius can all be solved if you take a look at the owner manual.