4 Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Troubleshooting Tips

When your Samsung refrigerator ice maker stops working, knowing where to start can be a difficult task for you.

But before you call for a service technician or attempt to fix the situation yourself, there are usually some simple issues that lead to a Samsung refrigerator not producing ice.

From poor water pressure or instructions on resetting the Samsung fridge ice maker when you have to restore the power – these troubleshooting tricks might pinpoint the root of the problem and fix the issue completely.

There are endless possibilities for why a Samsung refrigerator ice maker would not produce ice. And while it’s sometimes as simple as forgetting to turn the ice maker back on after use, other times, this problem is caused by more complicated issues.

Samsung Ice Maker Gets Off

Ice maker gets off

If your ice maker isn’t doing its job and you are trying to figure out what’s wrong. Our first recommendation is to check whether the power switch is on or off.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you should check whether or not your external dispenser contains an ‘Ice Off’ button that you have not pressed yet before being able to dispense any extra cubes of salt water (if applicable).

Otherwise, you may have just happened upon another type of malfunction which requires professional service from an appliance repair technician.

Refrigerator Water Pressure is Low

Refrigerator Water Pressure

Water pressure in a fridge is crucial because it ensures enough water comes in to make ice. To test your water pressure, dispense fridge water into a measuring cup for 10 seconds. If less than 3⁄4 of a cup comes out, there may be insufficient pressure.

A Samsung fridge not making ice due to low-pressure issues may have a clogged filter. Changing the filter will increase the pressure and should be done every six months to avoid future problems. Whenever you change the filter, we recommend cleaning your ice maker as part of routine maintenance—but this only needs doing once per year at most since replacing filters will solve the problem most times.

If an annual filter change still doesn’t fix low-pressure problems, then the odds are good that your home’s outside-water pump has gone bad and needs replacing entirely, which is something best left up to professionals!

Refrigerator Water Line Has Frozen

Sometimes leftover water in the ice maker’s water line can freeze, blocking additional water from supplying the ice maker. It may result in a Samsung refrigerator ice maker not making ice or producing small or oddly shaped ice.

Here’s how you can unclog the frozen water line and restore ice production:

  • Move your fridge away from the wall and unplug it.
  • Locate the shutoff valve behind the refrigerator or under the sink and turn the button off.
  • Fill a turkey syringe with warm water and pour the water over the waterline to melt the ice inside.
  • Instead of using warm water, you may also point a hair dryer at the waterline or leave the refrigerator unplugged for about two hours.
  • Plug the fridge back in and reposition it against the wall.

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

Reset Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

If you find that your Samsung ice maker is not working, but the fridge has water, it becomes necessary to reset the ice machine. It might help identify whether there’s a problem with the machine or if extra troubleshooting is needed. To do this for Samsung appliances, follow these steps:

  • Consult your owner manual for instructions on how to find the test button for your ice maker. It is mandatory to remove the ice bucket to access the button.
  • Once you’ve found it, press and hold down the button until you hear a single chime – this means that you have activated it successfully.
  • If you don’t hear either one of these noises, then there might be an issue with your fridge – try turning it off for two minutes and then back on again.
  • However, if there are no error codes (not even a single code) and another test still doesn’t produce any noise from the machine, then you’ll need to call an expert because they’ll need some time fixing it up.

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