Top 3 Advantages of Acura Car Models in 2022

Acura car models have presented a combination of elegant style, affordable prices, and highly reliable since the late 1980s. The sporty feel has been lost over the years but is coming back. Will that finally stand out from the crowd?

Although its technology lags behind the pack, the current third-generation Acura MDX is still a competitor in a very crowded segment. Rivals like the Mercedes-Benz GLE and BMW X5 provide more advanced refreshed interiors and infotainment set-ups contrasting with the MDX’s aging cabin.

Acura’s are great cars because they are known for their superior reliability, great design, and sporty flair. This brand is not famous as it mainly targets the Chinese markets and North America.

Now let’s get down to the details.

Advantages of Acura Car Models

Acura car models

  1. Rounded style

Acura has done an excellent job by distancing itself from Honda in terms of design.

Acura is Honda’s luxury brand, i.e., a division developed to work with models that the mother company could not sell under the core brand. The problem, in this case, is that Honda has created its reputation on generalist models. So creating a different brand would enable the brand to design and adequately execute a different marketing and sales experience for a more affluent audience. The central market region is North America.

Since such a technique was unsafe, Honda went the conservative route, bringing upscale models first sold in North America to Japan under the Acura badge. Over time, their sales performance drove the organization to create particular models to replace them.

These days, after experimenting with some new design identities of questionable taste, Acura seems to have found who it is in the car design world.

  1. Reliability

Acura cars inherit Honda’s reputation for easy care.

The deep relationship with Honda means that Acura cars borrow several parts, specifically mechanical ones. Consequently, user reports everywhere show few complaints about Acura cars and often moderate problems – the biggest involving excessive engine vibration in severe conditions and transmission failures.

The RDX and the TSX, the latest models, have often been advised for their reliability. They have admired their general and overall safety. In contrast, the reputation and its replacement, the TLX, have been tarnished by consecutive recalls conducted a few years ago.

  1. A sporty look

In its early years, Acura featured a welcome focus on production.

Models like the Coupé Integra and the super sports car NSX already made the promising luxury brand project on the North American market in the early 1990s. That provided Acura a competitive advantage that came in pretty handy, considering. 

It had to face both direct contenders Lexus and Infiniti, developed by Toyota and Nissan with similar objectives, and German automakers, which have always been a reference in this market.

Acura lost some of that character in the years that followed because cost constraints forced it to stay closer to the Honda models from which it had obtained. However, the luxury division finally understood that it takes money to make money: your target group would rather pay more for a well-known image than to drive an adorned version of an all-rounder car. Acura has devised a plan to return to its young roots with that in mind.

The redesigned TLX sedan and MDX sport-utility vehicle show that the Type S model has been high-performance. So they are now offering more sportiness than ever. The cars do not make the race tracks but give off an emotional character at the right level that many clients appreciate.

Drawbacks of Acura Car Models

  1. Poor corporate image

Acura hasn’t built a strong image in the market yet, affecting its entire operation.

Being just a luxury brand is far from sufficient in a progressive, competitive international market. Creating a clear image gives the company a direction to follow, which helps determine the target market. Acura’s lack of militancy in this regard makes it general and inadequate to stand out from the crowd.

Being unattractive minimizes an individual’s interest in their cars and ultimately hurts his sales. Unluckily, this problem causes it to receive less investment, and in the end, its corporate image has even less potential for development. Over time, this aimlessness leads to a smaller supply and less attractive models.

Unless Acura invests in its corporate image, it will never stand a real chance of competing in the luxury market as intended, much less posing a real threat to credentials like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW.

  1. Market Value

Acura cars look like fancy Hondas, which hurts their value.

Due to the previous theme, Acura hasn’t strayed far from its parent brand, such as Lexus. It is an issue because customers will always seek out the Honda it was derived from and make comparisons no matter what product it releases. In most cases, they’ll conclude that whatever the Acura is simply about looks, so it looks like an unnecessary upgrade.

This problem is evident in the ILX, the smallest and cheapest Acura. The car has highly based on the previous-generation Honda Civic. It gives a sense of dated infotainment, generic dynamics, and a smaller cabin. This impression worsens when you compare it with models like Audi A3 Sedan, and BMW 2 Series, which are even cheaper.

Luckily, the bigger brother TLX is an exception. Acura has engineered the MDX to bring back the sportiness that almost made Acura a competitive advantage years ago. The all-new generation delivers: its smooth style, speedy set-up, and attractive pricing make it great value in its market segment.

Which Acura car models are best?

Acura TLXThe redesigned and re-engineered Acura MDX and TLX are the two best choices in the luxury sport-sedan category. Both models received all-new generations whose design creates the brand’s latest visual identity. Even if it continues to remain different from Honda models. The powertrain and framework enhance daily by focusing on sporty driving. At the same time, retaining well-received components like the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. To understands Acura’s features and characteristics you can visit for its latest and updated manuals.

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