6 Basic Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

We all are so used to so many different gadgets such as television, smartphones, laptops, computers and various home appliances. Not all of them would need regular car maintenance to be scheduled, some of these get replaced once they stop working or get damaged. But the same cannot be said of our vehicles.

Your car is a complex machine that needs to be handled with care. They are not just any electronic gadget or home appliance that can be taken for granted. A car contains so many technicalities wherein it is broken down into hundreds of parts.

Some of these turn on and off automatically whereas some move upwards and some downwards. Not all of the parts in a car need a fixed maintenance. There are certain car components that need attention occasionally whereas some of them need frequent attention so that the overall car operates without any breakdown.

When you carry out regular maintenance of the car then it is quite cheap and easy. But if there are any major repairs then it may turn out to be an expensive affair.

When you are regular with the maintenance of the car then it would be quite comforting to know that the car is in good shape irrespective of its age and at the same time it would boosts the car’s longevity. Also you can worry less about any untoward emergencies or breakdowns especially during long trips.

A car that has been maintained well would lead to higher resale value than the one which has been neglected and is in bad shape. Now you may wonder that as a new car owner how you will understand so many technicalities.

Well, the good news is that you need not be a car enthusiasts or mechanically well-versed to keep your car in a good condition. This job can be done easily and also it would hardly take too much of your time.

As a driver of the car, it becomes important to familiarize oneself about the car. Most of the details are easily available in the Owner’s Manual.

You need to time and again go through the booklet so that you understand how certain thing operates and when they should be replaced. The booklet also contains details about maintenance of the car. It provides a guide on what all should be regularly maintained and which parts can be occasionally inspected.

List of Car Maintenance Tips

For those who are not well aware about the car maintenance, or do not have the owner’s manual handy we present to you six important maintenance tips that every car driver should be aware about. These tricks would prevent any costly issues and at the same time keep your car in a happy state for years to come.

1. Checking the Oil Levels:

The oil acts as the blood for your car engine. We all are well aware of the reason why oil is necessary. It is known for lubricating various parts of the car so that you do not face any troubles while driving. To ensure a smooth running of your car, it is important to check the engine oil levels regularly.

If the oil in the engine is too low or too high then it can cause issues for the engine and ultimately disrupt the working of your car. Most of the newly designed cars have well-built engines. These engines are sealed properly so that only the recommended level of oil is used for the running of the vehicle.

But, this may or may not hold true for all of the cars. Hence, every driver as a precautionary measure should be regularly checking the oil levels to avoid any breakdowns.

Another important factor that should be noted is that apart from checking the oil levels, it is also important to replace the oil filters from time to time so that your car gets only clean oil. You can go through the Owner’s manual for the information on when the filters should be replaced.

2. Tire Pressure:

There are a lot of car owners who often overlook the importance of checking the tire pressure. But overlooking such an important factor can cause serious issues later on during long trips.

Once, you understand the importance of checking the tire pressure, you will no longer neglect it and would add it in your regular maintenance schedule. Having the wrong tire pressure can lead to a lot of fuel usage and your tire wearing off earlier than expected.

Hence, as a diligent driver it is your responsibility to make use of the tire pressure gauge for checking the pressure. With this tool, inflate the tire to the recommended level. You can check the level either in the Owner’s Manual or there are markings near the door jamb at the driver’s seat.

Note that when you leave the tire at low pressure and ignore inflating it then it can lead to overheating. In worst scenario it can lead to tread separation which can cause serious damage to the individuals in the car during a drive.

High tire pressure would make your joyride uncomfortable since it can lead to too much vibration. High pressure can make you feel all the road bumps.

3. Maintain Car Color and Shine:

There is no doubt to the fact that it is important to maintain the function and safety of your car. Hence, every driver should be taking care of each of those aspects. But at the same time you should also be ensuring that the aesthetics of the car are also in good condition so that your car looks new always.

There are certain things that should be made a note of so that your car is as clean as possible. Always ensure to park your car in a well-sheltered region. Do not park your car in open ground or trees else it can lead to accumulation of dust and leaves on the car.

There is also a way of washing your vehicle so that it does not leave water marks or any kind of dents. Use soaps or liquid specifically designed for car washing. If you notice any bird poop, dirt, or bugs on the car then ensure to wash it off immediately.

If you allow it to stay for longer period, then it becomes difficult to get rid of those marks. Always park your car in a garage or if you have to park it in open for longer periods then cover it with car covering.

It is also important to wax your car at least twice in a year. Waxing the car would help in preserving its luster and shine for longer duration.

4. Check The Car Fluids:

There are various fluids in the car and as a driver you should have knowledge about those. These fluids are important for the smooth functioning of the vehicle. The smooth running of your car is partly dependent on the fluid quality and quantity.

Hence, you have to schedule regular maintenance schedule for checking the quality and the quantity of those fluids. Brake fluid, Coolant, Power Steering Fluid, Windshield Washer Fluid and Engine Oil are some of the important fluids that should be checked.

5. Taillights and Headlights:

Just like the fluids, tires and aesthetics are important for the car to run smoothly. It is also important to ensure that all the car lights are well maintained and working. One cannot deny the importance of headlight and taillight.

These lights assist in giving the right signals and direction to other drivers. If any of these lights are not in good working condition, then it can lead to accidents or mishaps. When you notice that any of these lights are getting blurred or dim then get them replaced.

Schedule a regular maintenance schedule along with the other parts to also check these lights. The Car owner’s manual provides an appropriate timeline on when these lights need to be replaced and how you can maintain them for its smooth running.

6. Spare Tire:

The importance of having a spare tire in the car cannot be dismissed. One cannot predict when you may get stuck in a flat tire situation especially in remote regions and that is when you would need the spare tire.

Always check whether you have a spare tire in your car and also get a proper knowledge about how to get the tires replaced. Though this may seem to be tricky in the initial phase but once you get used to this process it may not seem to be difficult any longer.

There are various online videos that provide a step by step process on how to get the tires replaced. Apart from the spare tire, it is also important to have the necessary tools that would be required for replacing the tire.

As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure each and every aspect of the car is in good working condition before getting behind the wheels.

Whether the journey is for short or long distance, you would never want to get stuck in a situation wherein you do not know what has to be done. Hence, always carry the car owner’s manual and be aware of the various parts of the car.

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