Why you should read the Owner’s Manual?

It is always an exciting moment when you get your new car home especially if it is your first vehicle. Your new car is like an addition of a family member. This Owner’s Manual that you get along with the car is something that should always be kept in the car or somewhere handy.

Hence, many things have to be taken care of so that it does not give troubles later on.

The agent would normally give many instructions about the operation of the new car. Some you may remember and some you may miss.

Hence, the company normally provides an Owner’s Manual along with the new vehicle so that the owner does not miss anything important.

The Owner’s Manual is an instructional booklet that provides a detailed information about your car. There are many nitty gritty details that most of us would not be aware about. This booklet provides information about various features available in your car, how to use them, maintenance of the car and various troubleshooting advices.

Even though the manual contains varied information, it is the responsibility of the owner to take out some time and go through the contents.

Since no two cars are the same, hence, the manual that would be applicable for Car A would not be completely applicable for Car C even though if both the cars have certain similarities.

If you try certain instructions based on the manual of another car then you may end up doing something that would be regrettable.

Those who receive second hand car wherein the manual is mostly not available with the previous owner, in such cases you can either ask the manufacturer for sending the manual or research online and download it. Here are the more ways to find Owner Manuals.

How to get started?

The new age vehicles are promising to be stylish and at the same user friendly. However, one cannot miss the complexities that come along with those vehicles. At such times, the owner’s manual provides a lot of important information so that you can operate the vehicle smoothly and maintain it for longer duration.

We have seen a lot of owners do not giving too much importance to the manual and then in case of emergency running helter skelter to get the car fixed. By doing so, you are missing out on the excellent opportunity of keeping oneself well-informed about the car.

Try not to be one of those drivers who later wonder why does a particular light come on without pressing any button or what does a particular sign mean?

When you open the manual, the first thing that you should go through is the table of contents. This provides a short-preview of all the information that is in store for you later in the manual.

Also in addition to the main manual booklet, the manufacturer may also provide certain other supplements. All of these materials are very important since certain information about your car would be provided in those supplemental materials. Carefully go through all the materials that you get along with the vehicle.

Key Information in the Owner’s Manual:

Though, the booklet contains a lot of information about your car, but there are certain information that should be paid special attention.

Tips on Driving:

Even though you are a good driver and ensure that all the rules of driving are followed to the core but the manual provides a rundown of all of the driving best practices.

When you properly follow these best practices then you would notice that the life of the vehicle has increased.

Basic Initial Operating Commands:

Wondering how to turn on the parking lights? How does the windshield can be turned on and off or what do certain lights mean? Even though the car agent may have quickly gone through all of these details when you have purchased the car but there is a human tendency to forget certain information.

When you have the owner’s manual handy, you need not call out to the customer care number repeatedly to get information. Just quickly refer the manual and learn the new features of your vehicle with ease.

The manual helps in filling up all of those missing information gaps.

Warranty Details:

Every car comes along with a certain period of warranty cover. This detail would be readily available in your owner’s manual. All the terms of warranty cover and the period for the same is covered in detail.

Most of the times not all of the car parts are covered under warranty. Hence, it is important to carefully go through the manual so that you get an understanding of all parts that are covered under warranty and also the period of warranty for each of those parts.

Updating the Interiors and Exteriors:

If you have plans of getting the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle upgraded then referring to the manual should be your first choice. The manual contains all the necessary dimensions, which the workers would ask for while preparing the new layout.

When you get the internal fabric upgraded then the workers would ask for dimensions of the same. This information would be readily available in the manual.

Warning Lights:

There are various lights in the car that acts as a signal to other car owners. It is important to decipher those warning lights so that you do not misled others and yourself.

All the key information about those warning lights are readily available in the manual. It provides a brief description about what those lights are for and how to get it turned on or off.

Car Maintenance:

The maintenance of your car is an important section in the manual. Hence every manufacturer provides a detailed description of the maintenance schedule and the life of various parts along with how to get them replaced. The manual is a guide that provides detailed instruction about the engine.

Some of the language used would sound technical but surely not to miss out on. The maintenance section provides details on how and when to change the oil.

How to clean the windshield wipers, getting the headlight replaced or adjusted, changing the air filter, fixing a flat tire and many more.

You also get to learn about those items or parts that need to be regularly maintained.

Paying no heed to the Owner’s Manual:

We agree to the fact that an owner’s manual may seem to be a daunting task to read. Hence, certain owner’s tend to misplace the booklet or not refer to it even when it is handy.

You are missing out on a lot of information when you do not properly refer to the manual.

Missing the Safety Instructions:

The owner’s manual provides a detailed information about the safety warnings and emergencies. Many a times, when the owner does not go through the manual, there is a tendency to violate certain safety warning unintentionally.

A good and safe driver is the one who adheres to all the safety warnings so that there is no harm for oneself and others.

Personalizing Features:

The infotainment system is something that the car owner can get it fixed as per their choice.

When you go through the manual, it provides an understanding of how to change the systems in the car that are normally factory defaults.

Increase the life of your car:

When your vehicle is operated and maintained properly then it would also provide good mileage and run for a longer period. Any item that is not maintained properly would wear off sooner than expected.

Lack of reference to the manual would mean unknowingly damaging the vehicle. Apart from boosting the life of the car, a well-maintained and operated car would also perk up its resale value in the market.

Identifying New Features:

New cars have advanced features that not many would be aware about. If you mistake your new car, having features same as the earlier one then probably you are creating a big mistake.

Advanced cars are robust and have many automatic features that make it easier for operating once you are aware about them. Hence, refer to the manual to get a thorough understanding of those new features.

The owner’s manual is a least read book in the world, since it has more number of pages than your favorite Harry Potter novel. However, there is no denying to the fact that reading the Owner’s Manual would prove to be beneficial in the long term.

The manual is one of the easiest ways of getting to understand your car better. Even though you may find that, few of the features are pretty straightforward. However, there are a lot of technical details that one would not be aware about.

Once you start going through the manual, a lot of information would come as a surprise. There are chances that you may go years without knowing that your car was capable of doing so much more than you expected.

This manual provides quick tips and tricks that would ensure to increase the fuel economy and at the same time boost its lifespan.

So, gear up for some reading.

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