You should know 101 Routine Vehicle Maintenance

It is very important to carry out routine maintenance of your vehicle. This would ensure that any problems are detected early and at the same time it increases the lifespan of your vehicle. When regular vehicle maintenance is not carried out then it can lead to unpredictable breakdowns that can cost you more than thousands of dollars.

Layout a schedule on when you would be carrying out your vehicle maintenance. Once you get in the habit of maintaining your vehicle, then it becomes a habit from every month and you can prevent any untoward incidences.

There is a rule of thumb “Prevention is better than cure”. This phrase goes for humans as well as non-living things. When your car is happy, only then the journey becomes a happy one and you can create good memories.

But there is a common question mostly among new-vehicle owners, as to what should be made part of regular vehicle maintenance.

So today, we will focus on what are the important parts of the vehicles that should fall under routine maintenance. Here you will read!

101 Routine Vehicle Maintenance

  1. Inspecting the pressure of a tire
  2. Inspecting the battery
  3. Inspecting all the vehicle’s fluids
  4. Inspecting hoses and belts
  5. Inspecting the air filter
  6. Inspecting windshield and replacing wipers
  7. Inspecting the Brakes
  8. Engine cleaning

Basic vehicle Maintenance Tips

1. Inspecting the pressure of tire:

The tire is an important part of vehicle maintenance that should not be taken for granted. Inspecting the tire pressure is something that should not be delayed or ignored.

However, busy you are, take some time out and regularly check the tire pressure. For the comfort and efficiency of your journey, tires are considered to be an important component.

When you regularly check the tire and the pressure then it would help you save money and time in the long run. For the vehicle to get its job done, the tires should be properly inflated since this would reduce the chances of any blowout.

Adding air is simple when compared to checking the pressure in the tires. Not everyone is aware as to how much pressure should be there in the tire This information is easily available in the owner’s manual that comes along with the vehicle.

2. Inspecting the battery:

There are times when the reason for the car to not start or stop all of a sudden is the battery not working properly. This is a common scenario faced by most of the drivers wherein everything else seems perfect. In such cases probably the battery is at fault and this can happen at any given time.

You may be stranded in the middle of nowhere with the car battery not operating. To avoid such scenarios, it is important to regularly check your vehicle’s battery. You can carry out a check of the cables and their connections with the terminals. Also, watch out for any mineral build-up or leakage around the terminals or the cables.

With the help of a battery cleaning brush, you can clean any such build upon the terminal if required. You can also check if the battery is completely charged. This can be done with the help of a multimeter when the engines are turned off.

Check the voltage carefully when the car is in the ON mode. There can also be a problem with the alternator when the battery is low.

3. Inspecting all the vehicle’s fluids:

It is also a good habit to regularly check the fluids in your car. It is a simple process, all you need to do is just open up the hood of the car when the engine has cooled down and get the oil dipstick removed.

Once you have removed it, clean it properly before it is placed back in its position. While you have pulled out the oil dipstick also check that the oil is at its correct level. Check for the color of the oil. If required, get the oil replaced during your regular maintenance. This is also a good time to check for the power steering fluid level.

4. Inspecting hoses and belts:

Checking the hoses and belts is a step ahead of your regular maintenance. You need to check for any signs of wear and tear of belts and hoses. The hoses are known to direct the coolant flow to ensure that the engine does not get overheated.

In case if you find out that there are cracks or bulges in the hose then it is the best time to get them replaced with new ones. Similarly, also check for the condition of belts. You may find the timing belt in most of the small vehicles or SUV’s. The belt is an important part of the vehicle especially for the operation of the engine.

In certain cases, while inspecting the belt you may come across loss of material or glazing of the belt. In such cases, it is advisable to get the belt replaced in a timely manner.

5. Inspecting the air filter:

We have seen that most of the car problems arise due to loose fittings or clogging of the air filters. These air filters are known for preventing any particles or dirt from getting inside the engine.

The clogged filter can lead to problems in performance mostly when during the combustion process wherein the engine requires air. It is advisable that every once a year, you should get the air filters replaced.

This part of maintenance should not be ignored else it can lead to huge problems in the future. This can have an impact on your car engine and also the car cabin since this is the air that one breathes in. It normally gets filtered by the air filter present internally.

Getting the air filter replaced is not a lengthy or expensive process. Timely replacing the air filter would hardly take 10 minutes. This can be done by calling in the mechanic or taking your car to the garage. You can also check the owner’s manual on how to get the air filter changed to save up on the mechanic trip and money.

6. Inspecting windshield and replacing wipers:

While driving the vehicle, it is important to have a clear view of what exactly is in front of you. When the front screen is clear, then it would be help drive and prevents any accidents.

When the windshield itself is dirty then it can create a lot of unnecessary hassle. The windshield has to be cleaned regularly and not doing so can lead to unclear visuals which in turn can lead to accidents and mishaps. For a driver, it is of utmost priority to have a clear view so that the driving is safe.

When you do not clean the windshields in a timely manner then there are chances that dust particles start accumulating on it and it can lead to scratches while the wipers are at work. During the rainy season, it becomes even more important to get it cleaned regularly else it can cause obstruction.

7. Inspecting the Brakes:

Imagine a car without brake or all of a sudden the car brakes fail to work. We have seen something like this happening a lot in movies. But this can happen for real as well. Brake problems can occur anytime and it is a serious issue when the car is running.

Brake issues when ignored can lead to serious mishaps injuring oneself or others around. For the smooth running of the vehicle on the road, one should ensure that the brakes are also working properly. Your vehicle’s brakes can fail due to a lot of factors.

The brake pads, pedal, rotors or brake fluid can be some of the causes for the failure. Common reasons for break fails are due to leaks in the brake fluid. Hence it is a good idea to get the brakes checked in a timely manner as part of routine maintenance. Any out of the ordinary problem should be rectified immediately.

You can get it checked by a mechanic or taking the vehicle to the garage. You can also get the brake pads inspected along with the fluid.

8. Engine cleaning:

External maintenance of the vehicle is as important as the internal one. Getting both done as part of regular maintenance would ensure that the car stays news in the long run.

Exterior cleaning of the vehicle engine would ensure that any minor dust particles or debris are cleaned off. In the market, you can check for engine cleaners that are mostly in use for external cleaning of engines.

Though exterior engine cleaning is not mandatory, however, it would prove to be helpful. While cleaning, you can find out any possibility of leaks or any connections that have gone loose.

Maintenance of your car is good not only for the vehicle but also for your peace of mind. It would save you time and money in the long run. Though at times it may seem to be a bothersome task the efforts that you put in would be worthwhile. It would make your car look brand new.

Go through the owner’s manual for more information on how to maintain certain parts of the vehicle and do not rush into getting your job done.

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