Top 6 Column Refrigerator and Freezer Set in 2022

Every kitchen layout is exceptional in shape and size. Sometimes it can affect your cooking area. But just because you lack space doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to kitchen appliances! Column refrigerator and freezer set are single-purpose, full-size models that can be comfortably installed wherever you have space. Whether in the wall or existing cabinets. Another benefit of columns’ adaptability and versatility to any kitchen design for a perfectly integrated look!

Best 6 Column Refrigerator and Freezer Set in 2022

Below we have developed a list of our top column fridges in different categories that provide all the versatility, quality, and storage features you could want without overcrowding your kitchen area!

Column Refrigerator and Freezer Set

1. Bertazzoni 12.2 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel Built-In Refrigerator (REF31BMFX)

Shop this premium Bertazzoni Column Fridge, designed and constructed using the highest quality components and materials, for an absolute bargain. Get ideal food storage on the door compartments and adjustable shelves while keeping them crisp and fresh under the Surround Cooling System (SCS) that enables cold air to go around freely. In addition, this energy-efficient fridge has a holiday function as a particularly economical setting when you are traveling with family, on a business trip, or need a short break.

2. Monogram 14.6 Cu. Feat. Integrated Glass-Door Counter Depth Column Refrigerator (ZIK303NPPII)

With the Monogram pedestal refrigerator, you’ll know what’s missing without opening the door. You can see what you require before you go shopping without opening the door and letting cool air escape with the integrated glass door lit by the LED interior light. The convertible drawers and adjustable glass shelves make storing and arranging your fresh groceries a breeze as everything has its place. On those hot days, grab a new, cool glass of water, too, filtered through GE’s water purification system. And warmly, thanks to the soft-close freezer that enables a gentle and quiet closing position, you’ll never have to worry about waking up your family when you’re sneaking that last scoop of ice cream at midnight.

3. Best Overall: Sub-Zero Designer 16.5 Cu. feet Panel Ready Column refrigerator (IT-30RID-RH)

Stash your groceries in our finest Sub-Zero pedestal refrigerator, made with premium materials. Harness the eventual cooling performance with Sub-Zero’s NASA-inspired air purification system, complete microprocessor control. Furthermore, an internal water dispenser for the freshness and best preservation of food and water. With various compartments for storage, you can separate your fresh food in the bins, drawers, or leak-proof shelves. Sub-Zero products have rigorously tested to ensure they last at least 20 years of everyday home use.

4. Signature Kitchen Suite 18.0 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready All Refrigerator (SKSCR3001P)

Even if you lack space in your kitchen, it does not mean that you have to do without a spacious cooling system. The Signature Kitchen Suite Column fridge offers 18 Cu. Feat storage space and sophisticated features to ensure your food lasts as long as possible. It has designed to provide the most significant column volume in the industry. Preserve your food with precision using the inverter linear compressor with a metal interior, minimizing temperature fluctuations to preserve food freshness. This elegantly designed fridge has also crafted with an integrated TrueFit design for the 30 inches fridge and 18 inches freezer. This quality makes this model ideal as a new or replacement unit and fits neatly into a 48 inches opening.

5. Miele MasterCool 13.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Built In Column Refrigerator (K 2602 SF)

Treat yourself to beautiful things with this pedestal refrigerator from Miele. Explore novel functions and technologies such as Push2open and SmartFresh. Moreover, Active AirClean filters and other exclusive Mastercool products for the best cooling comfort. Your food has kept in the perfect environment by adjusting humidity and temperature to ensure food remains fresher up to three times more. However, with the Miele@home system, you can make the most of your column fridge by connecting it to other branded products in your network and making your routine life simpler, controlling everything via the Miele app or integrating it into your innovative home solutions.

6. Bosch Benchmark Series 16.8 Cu. Ft. Custom Panel Built-in Column Refrigerator (B30IR905SP)

Use the latest refrigeration technology with this Bosch column fridge from the Benchmark series. Equipped with an Optiflex hinge, you’ll get the flush doors you want without damaging your kitchen’s surrounding cabinetry. This Energy Star-certified column fridge has a SuperCool feature that quickly lowers the refrigerator’s temperature to insulate the food inside. In addition, it quickly chills new purchases and shuts off after six hours to avoid unnecessary power consumption. You can also connect to your Bosch fridge via the Home Connect app to monitor and control features remotely, such as the MultiAirFlow cooling system, which encourages air circulation for even temperatures. However, the Intelligent Inverter Technology uses electronics, a compressor, and temperature sensors to monitor the inside continuously and outside temperature of the refrigerator and adjust accordingly.

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How to choose the best column refrigerator and freezer set?

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