Signs It’s Time to Service Your Washing Machine and Dryer

Usually the washing machine last for around 10 years. As the machine gets old you may experience many problems with it especially when it comes to various laundry related appliances. It is important that you understand several washing machine service signs before you get a jump on fixing problem early. To keep your washing machine working in good condition you should keep close eyes on the signs that are discussed below.

7 Signs You Need Washing Machine Service


Excessive Leaking

Whenever you find any excessive leakage with your washing machine then it means that washing machine has a problem. Generally, this problem is the result of overflowing or a loose connection.

When the washing machine gets older, it will use same amount of water for every size load. You can take steps to reduce leakage by deciding how big a load you can fit into your washer and still have space for turning, spinning and shaking.

If the above solution is not successful, your issue could be that the water hose on the back of your washer has suffered years of wear and tear and now they are loose. Older machines vibrate and move a lot which can lose those hose. You try tightening those hose to fix this problem.

Excessive Noise

When you hear a lot of noise from the dryer, it can be due to unbalancing of the machine. Try to balance the machine from the corners. Sometimes just by screwing the feet of the machine will help. But when you still hear the noise then it means the problem is something else.

Sometimes the drum or motor may need to be tightened. In this case you have to bring a professional to get it fixed. If the technician ask you to pay more than your thoughts then it is better you buy a new machine.

Often rumbling and banging is caused by an imbalanced load, which can be fixed by removing some clothes and rearranging them.


Your Washer and Dryer Move

Are your laundry appliances moving around the room? If yes then this could be due to simple reason and that is due to unbalancing of its feet. Try to level the machine from all the corners to stop it from moving excessively.

Although a walking washer may do the job just like a stationary one, you should not ignore the sign as it can lead to a bigger issue. It can be due to heavy imbalanced loads.

When you put clothes to just one side of the machine, then the uneven weight distribution can cause the machine to wobble violently.

When you try to fix these issues but still the machine moves then you should immediately contact the technician.

The Drum Doesn’t Turn

If your drum doesn’t spin, it’s usually a problem with either the lid/door switch or the belt. While either can be substituted and repaired, this is not always an easy task. This is something you’re going to want to place in the hands of a specialist.

Your Washer Is Older Than Eight Years Old

Although a washer can last up to 10 years, it is good to start looking for a new washer when the old one is of 8 years. Towards it life end, the washer will give more and more problems and will ask for more costly repairs. It will ask for more repairs quit often.

So the correct time to buy a new washer is when you see lot of trouble with your old washer. You should not waste lot of energy and time on fixing those small things. Any extra money you spend on a more efficient model can be saved on energy bills, and that’s especially true of your household does a lot of laundry.

You Have an Electrical Issue

As the machine gets old you will see lot of electrical problem with it. This is because the wires get old and are not strong enough. They may loosen up from the terminals over time many cause problem to you.

When you find that nothing happens when you press a button or when there is sparking issues, then you must understand that it is time to use new washing machine and dryer.

Electrical problems are nothing to play with and can also contribute to harm to your house. Do not try to fix these problems yourself because they may lead to many major problems if not fixed correctly.  Always ask an experienced person to fix these electrical issues.

You Don’t Know What’s Wrong

A time will come when you will notice that your appliance is not as effect as it was in past. Sometime you won’t get any idea about the problem with your washer and dryer. At this point it is best to be cautious and have a technician take a look at your issue before the problem gets worse.

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