An Ultimate Guide to the Types of Washing Machine

Are you thinking about what type of washing machine suits you the best? This guide breaks down the different washing machine types to help you decide.

What types of washing machines are there?

The major washing machine types are front-loading, top-loading models with impellers or an agitator, stack-wash centers, all-in-one washer-dryers, and portable or compact washing machines. Some washing machine models are Energy Star certified or energy-efficient.

1. Freestanding

Types of washing machine

Freestanding washers are incredibly famous, and that’s because of their design and ease of use. These models have a door in the front that you put your laundry in.

You can place a freestanding washing machine in various places of your home. Once it has connected to a drain and power source, it will start working. They are easy to move and, if treated with care, will last for a long time.


  • Wide selection of models available
  • Most come with a lot of features and various colors
  • They are available in different drum sizes
  • It has very efficient models.


  • It can get expensive depending on what functions you require
  • In contrast to an integrated washing machine, it is visible in a household

2. Integrated Machines

Integrated machines

Integrated washing machines fit into a gap in your kitchen cabinets. Many individuals like this type of model because you can close the closet door and hide the washing machine.

They’re pretty common in new houses because individuals like that smooth finished look. You don’t require this type of finish on a freestanding washing machine as it stands out.


  • It is quieter than a freestanding washer
  • You can hide it under your work surface


  • It usually costs more to install this type of washing machine
  • You may not have as much choice compared to the freestanding washing machines
  • The machine itself costs more to purchase
  • The machine may not be able to accommodate large loads like a freestanding washing machine

3. Semi-integrated

Semi-integrated washing machines usually work the same as integrated machines. Instead of having an entire panel covering the whole washing machine, it leaves a gap for you to reach the buttons.

It means you can control the machine without opening the door.


  • It is quieter than a freestanding washing machine
  • You can easily control the buttons


  • Not a wide range to select from
  • Quite a lot of work to install these models
  • Typically do not hold as much laundry as freestanding washing machines

4. Top loading

top loader

Another type of washer is the top loader. As the name implies, you put your laundry into the machine from the top rather than from the front door.

Unfortunately, these models are not as popular. Because they are a little more cumbersome to use and harder to store.


  • Usually smaller than other washer models
  • Can sometimes handle larger loads
  • Can wash clothes in minimum time
  • Good for individuals who have back issues
  • You can add laundry to the wash in the middle of a cycle.


  • Do not fit in gaps under countertops
  • Can be noisy
  • Difficult to store sometimes, they vibrate a lot
  • You have to clean them often and out
  • Usually, you have to move them to use them properly

5. Washer-Dryer

washer dryer set

A washer-dryer is an ideal machine for individuals who do not have the space to purchase a separate washing machine and dryer. They are also good as your clothes get washed and dried in a single round at the same place. So you don’t need to worry about wet clothes.

These machines can perform well if properly maintained. But if a part breaks in the machine, you can’t use this machine until you resolve the issue properly. So, you have to wash your clothes without a washer and dryer for a while.


  • Saves space
  • You do not have to lug wet clothes with you
  • It might be more affordable than purchasing two separate machines


  • It can be hard to find a washer and dryer that does both functions very well
  • Usually consumes much more energy
  • If a single part breaks, you can no longer use the whole machine
  • The drying ability of the machine is less than the washing ability limit

6. Portable

portable washing machine

Portable washing machines are ideal for people who have less space to travel or don’t want to have a large washing machine at home.

If you like doing small loads of laundry every once in a while, it is a great choice.

These mighty little washing machines are generally lightweight, easy to use, and have various control buttons. Moreover, you can manually power it and make it a perfect alternative to a regular washing machine.


  • Easy to use
  • Small
  • Portable
  • In some cases also available with a built-in dryer


  • The costs may vary
  • You can only wash small amounts of laundry
  • You may need to power the washing machine manually

7. Stackable

stackable washing machine

When you plan to purchase two washing machines, or perhaps a washer and dryer. You may have the choice of stacking them on top of each other.

Although this saves a lot of space, you must check with your machine’s manufacturer if it allows you to do this. Generally, you must buy both machines of the same brand for this to work correctly.

If you know it is a safe choice for you, you will have to invest in some stacking gear to lock the machines in place. 


  • Saves space
  • You do not have to carry wet clothes too far around your house


  • It can be harmful if you do not stack the machines properly or do not use the right equipment

Which type of washing machine is best for you?

While buying a washing machine, you must consider its size, features, capacity, and other options that can make your laundry day easy. Whatever types of washing machine you select, ensure that it fulfills your requirements. Remember that there is no right or wrong choice. It’s about what suits you best.

You can also check for the updated manuals of almost all types of washing machines.

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