The 9 Main Washer and Dryer Problems and their Solutions

It is rare to find anybody who has never had a washer and dryer problem. Mishaps can happen all the time, whether it is an error from our side, the wrong cleaning agent, a procedural error, or equipment issues. Not every washer and dryer problems have an easy solution, and some don’t even have one. Fortunately, you can correct most laundry mistakes.

So the question is, From where to start? Begin by taking the time to find your washer and dryer user manuals and read them through. Knowing how the work works and utilizing all of those washer and dryer cycles and water temperatures can solve your problems!

And don’t miss reading the care guidelines on the tags of your clothes. More often than not, they’ll give you the fiber content and tell you the great way to prevent mishaps. But to assist you with some laundry secrets. 

9 Basic Washer and Dryer Problems

When you know what types of problems you are facing, you will know if you can easily fix them by reading its user manuals — or have to call an expert. Here are nine of the most common washer and dryer problems and solutions.

The Washer Problems:

1. The washing machine does not turn on

If your washing machine doesn’t turn on at all, the problem may be with the washing machine’s power supply and the washer’s lid switch, timer button, or motor. When your washing machine doesn’t turn on, the first thing to do is to check your home’s electrical panel.

If there is no problem with the breaker, the issue may be with the outlet; it may require replacement by an expert electrician. Alternatively, the washer’s motor may get overheated. In this case, it needs to cool down before the washing machine starts again.

Also, check the lid switch, made of plastic and placed under the lid, to see if it’s working correctly. The lid switch lets the washing machine know the lid has closed, and it will not work if the lid switch is off. On some washing machines, the cycle will not run if the timer button you have not properly aligned with the graphics of the control panel. You can fix it by advancing the timer and trying again.

2. The washing machine does not drain completely

Poor drainage can result in a faulty drain pump or clogged drain hose. With the garden hose, you can unclog a blocked drain hose. However, a seized, jammed, or otherwise, the defective pump will have to be replaced by an expert. Sometimes foreign objects such as pencils, missing socks, lip balm tubes, stray toys, or coins get stuck between the basket and tub, preventing drainage. It is also the job of an expert.

However, utilizing too much detergent can cause poor drainage. If there is a lot of lather in your washing machine, try to use less detergent and see if that solves the issue.

3. The washing drum does not move

Washer and Dryer Problems with belt

If your washing machine’s drum isn’t moving, you overload it or load it inadequately. Ensure that you don’t put too many clothes in the washing machine and distribute them evenly.

But what if you don’t overload the washing machine? There is likely a problem with your belts, drain pump, lid switch, or motor. You may have to call for repair service. 

4. The washing machine leaks

The washing machine is leaking

Too much soap can also cause your washing machine to leak, so again, be careful not to add too much soap. Otherwise, you may have an issue with your drain, drain pump, tub or tub gasket, water inlet valve, or even your bleach dispenser. If the drain hose leaks, check that it has properly connected and unclogged. If the hoses are getting damaged, you can replace them by yourself. Otherwise, call an expert.

5. The washing machine shakes during the cycle

A washing machine dancing during the cycle can have an unbalanced load. If not, check if your floor is level. You can utilize a piece of ¾ inch wood and some washers to create a level surface for your washer if needed.

The Dryer Problems

1. The dryer is not getting hot

If your dryer doesn’t get hot but is wobbling, you probably need to call an expert. The problem may be in the thermostat, heating element, temperature switch, timer, thermal fuse, or power cord. In gas dryers, problems with the igniter or burner can cause cold tumbling.

2. The motor runs, but the dryer does not wobble

If your motor runs but your dryer is not tumbling, it is due to a worn or broken belt, worn drum support rollers, or a seized motor. For this problem, you need to call an expert.

3. Clothes take a long time to dry

If your clothes are not getting dry as quickly as they used to, clean the lint filter. You must also check your dryer vent hose for clogs. A buildup of debris, lint, or even a bird’s nest can block your vent hose and increase drying time.

4. The dryer is getting too hot

Dryer is getting too hot

A dryer that is too hot is a dangerous situation. The problem is a clog in the vent, which you can fix yourself, or a problem with the thermostat or heating coil that will need an expert. Do not use the dryer until the issue has resolved. Be careful and wait for the dryer to get cool before touching it.

Wrapping it up:

We have identified and discussed 9 of the most prevalent washer and dryer problems and given you some information on how to solve them. You should always read your washer and dryer instruction guides before starting any sorting or washing. Following these tips will keep your clothes clean, your machine clean, and your skills growing! You may also visit and download the required user manual for further assistance.

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