Self-Driving Cars: Top 10 Pros and Cons of Driverless Cars

Technology has certainly come a long way and everyday comes with a new breakthrough.  The latest cult in the market is that of self-driving cars, also known as autonomous or driverless cars.

The excitement and the hype around these cars have been doing the rounds for quite some time now; however, the actual implementation is still awaited.

Needless to say that as much we are psyched about the whole buzz about these cars, the speculations about the flaws and glitches that might prop up with time, has been formed.

The automobile lovers stand divided in their views. Looks like we have some time to contemplate before we actually plan to buy one of these cars, for the cars will be hitting the roads not before 2025.


Let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives before we take a plunge:

Positives of Self-Driving Cars:

Technology minimizes manual errors

To err is human is a saying that we swear by whenever we commit a mistake. With the advent of self -driving cars the chances of missing out on a car coming from the opposite side can be reduced.

Humans can get distracted or take a peek into their mobiles while driving, technology fortunately will be devoid of all these vices.

Minimal accidents

Most of the accidents that take place are due to drink and driving, over speeding, not adhering to road rules and regulations, defying traffic rules, road rage etc.

Ever thought of two autonomous cars racing against each other just for ego gratification?

Can two self-driving cars drink and drive?

If your answer is a certain no, then we can assume that accidents can be controlled or even prevented –courtesy: the autonomous cars.

A boon for the people who cannot drive

There are people who don’t want to drive and then there are people who can’t drive. Driver less cars will surely turn out to be a respite for such people.

It will not only save the senior citizens, who are not comfortable driving, from the trouble of slogging to reach the destination but will also reduce their dependency on public transport and others.

 Lesser violations of traffic rules

To reiterate, these cars can be programmed to follow traffic rules, which will consecutively result in minimal traffic rules violations. Reckless driving and other violations can be remarkably improved, which will further prevent fatal accidents.

Road Etiquette

Since the driverless cars will be equipped with sensors to sense traffic, speed limit be programmed, it is likely to be assumed that the all this and other necessary features will curtail the possibilities of callous driving resulting into delays and wastage of time.

Smooth driving will pave way for better flow of vehicles, facilitating road etiquette and minimizing commute time.

Environment friendly

Many car manufacturers are buying the idea of going eco friendly autonomous cars. Electric vehicles are a good replacement for the usual engines which increase pollution.

Also what can be omitted is the need for abrupt brakes, speeding of vehicles, which is responsible for the release of emission.


Negatives of Self-Driving Cars:

Almost everything has a flip side and the autonomous cars are not bereft of them. Let’s analyze some of them.

Chances of streets being full of autonomous cars:

Whilst the popularity of such cars is still unpredictable, it can be presumed that these cars can become a rage among the people who don’t know driving or those who cannot drive.

All of those people would want to enjoy the opportunity, which was earlier being missed by them. Increase in traffic can be one negative that can hamper the otherwise positive outcomes.

Unethical Hacking

With the inflating number of cyber crimes and hacking cases every day, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that some hooligans can misuse the programs of the machine to their advantage and go on a crime spree.

The Technical Glitches

There are certain glitches and loop- holes in a machine that can crash the entire system. Similarly, the autonomous cars can stop functioning and stand on road indefinitely if the technical error is not rectified or fixed.

Although, the car manufacturers would consider all possibilities of a vehicle encountering an error but its wise not to overlook the fact that autonomous cars will be ridden by all sorts of people who may or may not have the knowledge of fixing or even identifying the glitch.

Dearth of Employment opportunities for cab drivers

Technology taking over humans can have an adverse effect on those people who earn their bread and butter by driving taxis.

People would prefer the idea of having their own vehicles rather than struggling booking and paying for taxis every day. It is a direct threat to cab companies.

Other factors like the expense of self-driving cars, maintenance, its actual effect on environment, reliability and most importantly the compatibility of the rider with the autonomous car, will give us a clear picture of the much anticipated movement. Until then it’s only fair that we analyze and not conclude anything.

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