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Ford is an automobile manufacturing company founded by Henry Ford on June 16 1903. It has its Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan a suburb in Detroit, US. The Company is owned by the Vanguard Groups.

Ford most sold vehicles includes Ford Explorer, Ford Series, Ford Fusion and Ford Escape.

Ford at the moment is on a quest for new innovations. Between now to 2020, Ford has planned to introduce the electric versions of each models. But for now, Its C-Max, Fusion and Focus are now available in the electric and hybrid versions.

Common Issues with the Ford Explorer

  1. Engine Stalling:

Most Ford owners have reported to have experienced engine stalling that is caused by a faulty fuel pump or when there is a misfire, that can also cause the engine to stall.

  1. Worn out or damaged spark plugs:

Also, there is the problem of Misfire; this is caused by a worn out, fouled or damaged spark plugs, bad plugs wires or when there is a cracked distribution cap. All of these are the likely cause of Misfire.

  1. Broken Heater Blend Door:

It is common to experience a failed heater blend door actuator which may cause the temperature control to quit working.

Common Issues with the Ford Fusion

  1. Harsh or delayed shifting of transmission:

There is the possibility of the automatic transmission developing shifting concerns.

  1. Squeaks and creaks over bumps:

While driving over bumps and turning it is common to hear squeaks and creaks which can be caused by a number of common sources.

  1. Transmission oil leaks from left side half shaft:

Leakage of transmission oil from left side half shaft is also a common issue which can be caused by a worn axle shaft seal.